Friday, March 19, 2010

I am my Mother's Child...

Sometimes I really think that I am turning into my Mother! I can't help it. One big example would be something that irritated my brother and me when we were kids. Every time we were ready to set out on a road trip, or go to the airport, my Mom would freak out. She would have absolutely no patience with any of us, and my poor Dad caught most of the wrath. Once we were on our way, everything would be fine.
So 20 years later, wouldn't ya know it, I do the same thing! Every time we get ready to hit the road! This is only one example. My brother as well as other family and friends pick on me all of the time about lots of other little things that I do like Mom. It is not all bad. I should be flattered. She is an awesome lady--short fuse and all :)

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