Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Time

Thank You to Charlotte over at The Charlotte Observer! She gave me this a while ago, and I am cashing it in. Now I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy:)

1. My husband (duh, I would hope so, lol!)

2. My kitties Frank and Ginger

3. My Mom and Dad. They have always made me feel so special and loved...awww.

4. My Brother. We have always been very close and rarely ever fought. It is great to see him grow into a successful man (that sounds weird calling him a man!)

5. TJ Maxx!!!!!

6. Drinking coffee on the way to work.

7. Friends, near and far.

8. Low Key weekends. Like the one I am having now. Falling asleep watching a movie, cooking a big breakfast, getting things done around the house.

9. My house. Josh closed on our house when we first got together, so I was not part of the process. I was not crazy about it for a while, but I like it now.

10. Traveling. I would suggest to anyone to save up some money and go on a big trip. It is worth it! And before you get your passport out, consider what the USA has to offer, especially out West.

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